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The World is Won with Words.

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Everyone has a message, a purpose, a dream. As human beings, we need to vent. To express. To share our wisdom, our thoughts. And I’m here to help.

I think the world is won with words.

I’ve come to notice people who effectively communicate achieve pretty much anything they want. This is because they’re empathic. They do it for the right reasons. For others. Those who possess the gift of the gab, as they say. Socially, romantically, professionally and, at least in some cases, spiritually, they seem to get whatever they want. They speak directly to us. They seem to speak our truth.

They’ve learned to express what’s in their hearts, yes, but they also understand what’s in ours. And this is empathy. That is, they know their audience. And we’re drawn to this quality. For who doesn’t want to be understood? It’s undeniable. This, I believe, is one of the three secrets to writing, the latter two to be discussed soon. 

Jesus, Shakespeare, Churchill, Freddie Mercury, Dylan Thomas, Eminem, Abe Lincoln, Caesar, Martin Luther King, Sinatra, FDR, Oprah, Bill Clinton, Kanye West. They all won us with words.

Bob Dylan, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, can’t really sing.

It’s all in the words.

Beginning with a free consultation, we’ll strategize your project. You’ll tell me your story. We can spend five minutes or hours doing this, that’s up to you. Once I get a sense of you, your spirit, your goals, the voices that guide you, my publicity and editorial teams will be there for you every second of the way, every hour of the day. With our hundred-percent full-money-back guarantee international 24-7 phone/email/Skype customer service, we offer you the option of sample projects that’ll give you a sense of our work absolutely-free before you commit.

I went to college prep school in Tallahassee, Florida at Maclay before majoring in writing at Cornell University where I graduated Dean’s List, instantly moving to Manhattan to pursue the written word. Whether it was writing song lyrics, resumes and cover letters, poems, best-selling novels, or my best friends’ dating profiles. I did it. I’ve been obsessed with words all my life.

I’ve worked as a professional singer, speechwriter, ghostwriter, co-author, Director of Communications, hair-metal music magazine editor, film critic, technology journalist, creative fiction professor, legal proofreader and copy editor at fancy Manhattan law firms, ad agencies and banks, to name but a few of the myriad ways I’ve wrestled with words.

Writing is intensely personal. It must be conversational to get through to your reader. That is, words work best when they hit a nerve. Move us in some way. When they’re heartfelt. Sincere.

Anyone can write if they’re doing it for the right reasons.

I offer innovative, genuine compositions tailored personally for you which effectively reflect the way you think and feel. I present the best you. Eventually, after working with me, you will become a better writer as you become more comfortable and successful with your words. Eventually, if you choose, you might even not need me. That’s my goal.

Until then, we’ll work intimately together until we have an ideal product.

All of my credentials can be verified online by reputable sources.

So yeah, writing is a bitch. It doesn’t come easy for anyone, and don’t let anyone tell you it does. Writing is 90% revision.

Don’t feel alone.

English has since its emergence in Britain in the mid 5th Century been notoriously flawed with maddening inconsistencies. Linguists still rate it as one of the most

regressive languages on the planet. We’re not saying it’s easy to communicate in English. And anyone who claims he loves to write in this frustrating tongue isn’t really a writer. That’s because the task is intensely difficult and unpleasant. Writing is heavy lifting for the mind. It’s a known scientific fact that composing prose is physically taxing, demanding masses of glucose, the blood sugar that feeds the brain. It takes decades of exhausting practice and application to master clear and powerful communication. While the rewards are immeasurable, the process is torture.

That’s where I come in. (Animation fire engine coming to a burning building armed with fat, black dictionaries.) Why not let me take the burden off? Let this bookworm toil away in obscurity and mental illness while you’re having fun. I’m kind of kidding. Honestly, I’m more than willing. It’s my job.

I’m not complaining.

My team and I are grateful for your time (and hard-earned cash). So please keep reading…

Because this is what we do:

Basically, we write your life.

In every facet of your existence. In every sense of the word. From the cradle to the grave. And we try to tell it with finesse, wit, charm, and humility. We’re big fans of irony. The way we figure it, life is hard enough, men are monsters, women are the superior sex, but if we can laugh at the other guy, we can laugh at ourselves. And if you’re humble, you’re way ahead of the game.

Want to reinvent yourself at a new school or job in a brand-new city? Propose to your soulmate or get the guts up to ask your boss for a raise? If the occasion involves words, we’re your solution.

We’ve got this.