The World is Won with the Word

Everyone has a unique story to tell

People who effectively communicate their story are able to engage their audiences and literally command their appetites. Whether you have a powerful idea and want to make it known to the world, or want to offer your products and services to a larger audience, you need professionally crafted content.

Nick Fowler Communications provides not only high quality writing services, but also business consultation, career/life coaching, web design, app building and general technology and internet assistance for businesses and individuals nationwide. Whatever your needs are, the team at Nick Fowler Communications can help!


Speeches, resumes, cover letters, website content, admission essays, personal statements, dating profiles, and much more. We also provide fiction editing, ghostwriting, and ghost editing.

App Building

We can create a compelling mobile app that fits your brand and industry.

Business Consultation

We draft business plans, comprehensive long term business strategies, personal statements, federal resumes, executive bios and more.

Career/Life Coaching

No matter what your personal or professional goals are, Nick can provide the empowerment you need to help you succeed.

Web Design

Got a website that was last updated in 2008? We create stunning, responsive websites for your business or personal project that will wow your audience.

General Technology/Internet Assistance

General technical support troubleshooting, and a range of services designed to increase your productivity (email setup, project management solutions, digital device sync and continuity, as well as many other offerings). If something’s been holding your productivity back — we can help!

A Word From Nick

Writing is heavy lifting for the mind. It’s a known scientific fact that composing prose is physically taxing, demanding masses of glucose, the blood sugar that feeds the brain. It takes decades of exhausting practice and application to master clear and powerful communication and, while the rewards are immeasurable, the process can be torture.

That’s where I come in. (Animation fire engine coming to a burning building armed with fat, black dictionaries.) Why not let me take the burden off? Let this bookworm toil away in obscurity and mental illness while you’re having fun.

I’m kind of kidding. Honestly, I’m more than willing. It’s my job..

Who Is Nick Fowler?

Nick is a Communications Consultant who excels in strategic communications, role-producing and refining content. He writes on behalf of clients spanning business, academia, legal, non-profit, advertising, medical, dental, psychiatric, biochemical and real estate sectors.

He has worked as a professional singer, speechwriter, ghostwriter, co-author, Director of Communications, hair-metal music magazine editor, film critic, technology journalist, creative fiction professor, legal proofreader and copy editor at fancy Manhattan law firms, ad agencies and banks, to name but a few of the myriad ways he’s wrestled with words.

Nick has authored a wide variety of documents including a GQ cover story entitled, against his will, “Getting Laid in Tinseltown.” The New York Times Book Review called him “an expansive, lyrical, inventive writer” after his debut novel A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla was released in 2o02. His sophomore novel, Nick Fowler’s My Virtuous Sister, was released by Upper Hand Press in August 2019.

Nick’s Team

Over the years, Nick has put together one of the best teams in the industry to help him research, write, edit, and proofread all forms of content, ensuring that products align with target audiences. Our mission is to deliver clear and compelling messages while maintaining and reinforcing clients’ brand identity and strictly adhering to style guidelines.

Why We’re Different

Because we understand that writing is intensely personal and it must be conversational to get through to the reader, we offer innovative compositions tailored personally for the customer. We craft statements for leaders and individuals, not followers. We never outsource, but rather personally create and edit all your documents. Our unique personal statements will separate you from the rest. We work intimately together with our customer until we have an ideal product. We have a customer friendly pricing model.

Testimonials & Reviews

Clients, former students, mainstream press — here are just a few examples of what people are saying about Nick Fowler

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