Nick Fowler

Coming Fall 2019 We Are Gods

The only thing God or the universe or Higher Power wants us to do is achieve our every dream, just as It assumes a tree will grow to its full potential. Once we grasp this law, the only law of life, we will have solved our every problem and will find peace on earth.

I’ve been consciously manifesting my dreams since I was one year’s old. I learned on my first birthday I was literally becoming my beliefs. That the world was all thought. 

Jesus, the Buddha, Confucius and every wiseman taught only this.

I will teach you the principal in one month or less, or your full money back. No questions asked. 

You’ve been manifesting all your life, but 95% with your subconscious. I will teach you to merge those beliefs with those of your conscious.  You know this. You’re realizing now that you can manifest any outcome simply by conceiving it. That’s why you found me.

It is done onto us as we believe. 

Whatever we can see in our minds, we can hold in our hands. We are not a grain of sand in an infinite desert but rather a limitless sea within a single drop of water.

I’ll change your beliefs about yourself until your positive thoughts are constant. By reading this now, you’ve already begun.  If you don’t achieve the relevant and worthwhile goal of your choice in one month or less, I’ll fully refund you. 

My guidebook, We Are Gods released September 2019.

This is your story. And you know this. You’ve created every one of your affairs and the world in which they’ve transpired. You are a god. Every day you write your bible. The universe is all thought. It is not as it appears.  

Jesus and the Hindus knew only this.

Life is all thought. No material.

All material reality an objective correlative of your emotion. T.S. Eliot said only this. 

The kingdom is within.

You’ve known this all your life.  The deepest part of you knows

That’s why you’ve found me. 

Now  it’s time to embody the ideal you’ve known all along was your own. 

Embody the hero of your story. Your exalted soul. 

Broaden your beliefs about yourself until they reach full potential. 

Think as big as you can. 

Avoid all who doubt you. For they are foolish and un taught. They have have been too full of fear and self doubt to claim theirs. Pray for them. You know divinity is yours. 

Now claim your God-given gift!

For it is not yours to keep. It belongs to God and you owe it to Him and the gift of his lavish universe to choose to reach your potentate.

It us done unto as as we believe. 

There is nothing you can’t be, there is nothin you can’t do. 

That is reality.

It is accomplished.