Academic Writing Services

Essay Writing

Need help with a literary essay? Argumentative essay? Comparison essay?
Not a prob. I’ve published literary criticism and taught writing at NYU and The New School where
I worked on many of such documents.

Thesis Writing

Often the most challenging part of the essay is constructing the thesis itself. 
Whether you need just the thesis statement/concept, or help with the actual essay supporting it, we’ve got you covered.

Dissertation Writing

A dissertation is considered the most crucial document in your academic career. In a sense, all your
previous studies culminate in this work. Accounting for up to 60% of your final grade, a world-class
dissertation is non-negotiable in the Academy. We’ll edit yours to your full satisfaction.

Research Papers

The most time-consuming academic paper due to the research required, let us worry about the
bibliography and citations.

Admissions Essays

The Write School

We offer College Career Counseling, both grad and undergrad, including editorial help with your life-altering personal essays and statements. Don’t blow the most defining opportunity of your life. No matter what anyone says, it’s all about where you went to school. Just look at my old fraternity brother, Gordon Caplan. Not to fear. We’re 100% above the board and by the books.  We’ll give you step-by-step career instructions that will position you perfectly for success. From summer internships for high-school students, to Continuing Education for the elderly. End sleepless nights of worrying over Personal/Job Statements and College Entrance Essays.

With competition to enter your field so fierce, why risk missing out on your
dreams with a mediocre admissions essay? We know exactly what admissions committees look
for–and we always deliver.


All professional writing consists of back-breaking revision. One needs the patience of a saint. That is, extensive editing. Laborious. Yet an an essential stage of composing any document. Meticulous revision is often neglected because it’s more
taxing and time-consuming than most had imagined. And people often have no idea where
to start. If you’ve written your own assignment, I can edit it for you, increasing the flow,
power and narrative velocity, while omitting your weak points.


Have you written and edited your own paper? Don’t forget to proof read! You’ll lose crucial marks due to
poor spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax. I’ll meticulously fix all this for you, so your work really
pops. Since 1985 I’ve worked professionally as a certified proofreader of all manner of documents
including academic, financial, legal, medical and advertising. I know all the ropes.