Business Writing & Editing Services

Article Writing & Blogs

Desperate for compelling, SEO-friendly content that will distinguish you from all the other interchangeable internet drivel? Need it delivered early or on time, every week or every month? Are you seeking authoritative, easily-readable, flawlessly-researched blogs to validate and build your brand? We’ve got your back.

Website Content

The Write Online Presence. The Write Site.©

In today’s online world, your writing is your first and last impression.  People suck as it is, the world is a coldhearted Matrix, but online we as humans now have the added luxury of hiding behind our screens. Here in the internet dimension, human cruelty is exponentially magnified because there are no direct consequences for one’s virtual actions. Long story short, you just can’t afford to screw around anymore with your crucial online presence. So please do yourself a favor and let me compose your online persona. You deserve this. I’ll handle everything. My cutting-edge tech and PR teams can even build you a website from scratch, after which we can populate the gem with content to your liking. I’ll keep your readers riveted to your site by composing compelling, socially-relevant content that embraces your brand, augments your aesthetic, and underpins your moral vision while captivating human readers and search engines alike! 

All types of website content including Wedding Sites.

Press Releases

A professional press release puts your brand in the limelight, lending authority and flair to the achievements most important to you. Allow our veteran PR guru to highlight your milestones. We’ll personally tailor each press release as a pitch to match a specific outlet’s interests. No more annoying, non-specific mass pitches.

Corporate Material

Need help crafting the perfect email? Concerned about getting your white paper just right? In search of captivating copy for a product video? Worried over a boardroom presentation or a last-minute red line? We’ve got this. And more—on demand, in real-time!

Social Media Content

Engaging, conversational, post-worthy social media content will motivate your audience,
inspire your clients and colleagues, drive traffic and build your brand. I’ll create, strategize,
manage, and schedule your content every step of the way. Getting bullied at school? Having trouble making friends? Ask about my tweet and Instagram curation packages. 

Resumes, Cover Letters, Executive Bios!

Looking for a job doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Believe it or not, it can actually be a life-affirming growth experience. We’ll thoroughly consult with you on how to best promote your “brand” to potential employers until we create an ideal career package for you to achieve your dreams. Don’t sell yourself short. After numerous in-depth discussions with you, we’ll bring out your best professional self, then sell it to the world. Unlimited revisions until you’re employed. Full money back if you don’t nail the role of your dreams after using our career package for a year.

Editing and Proofreading

Confident in your writing skills, but need an expert opinion or just another pair of eyes? We are certified legal, financial and medical proofreaders who’ll meticulously assist you with your documents, including all manner of legalese, full-length manuscripts of novels, short stories, poems, memoirs, academic papers, songs, librettos, marriage proposals, eulogies, business communications, deck and grant proposals, wedding toasts, marketing content and pretty much anything you can throw our way! Words are our thang; We’ve been obsessed with them since infancy.

Business Plans

Tired of failing in your entrepreneurial endeavors? Chances are, you didn’t set up a coherent, plausible business model. Not only will I we compose the prose, we’ll also vet your plan until it’s logically airtight. With our staff of proven revenue-producers, we’ll give you a guaranteed approach to make your business succeed.  

Mission Statements and Taxation Requests including IRS FORM 1023

Grant Proposals

The Write Grant

Funding Proposals and Grant Writing!

Do you really want to exit the world of non-profit/academe and enter the private sector where supervisors and managers actually expect results? We didn’t think so. Let us schmooze your way to the top. We are expert petitioners, having dealt with lobbyists and other partisan scumbags while growing up and working in Tallahassee, Florida’s state capital.  The key to writing grant applications is to follow the directions! Nothing more. If you want free money, you must play the game. By employing the specific language and politically-correct catchphrases used in your sector, I’ll show the powers that be you’re compliant and take orders unflappably. Grant funders give applicants brutal turn-around times to weed out the weak. But I’ll go the distance and meticulously follow their instructions until we have a pitch-perfect proposal.