Content Marketing Services

Product Descriptions

After lengthy and careful consultation about your brand strategy, depending on the narrative
tone/presentational vibe we decide on, we’ll write appropriately engaging, witty, snarky,
irreverent, humble (or what have you) product descriptions, or simply re-write your existing
ones to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalties. For business owners operating larger
eCommerce sites, please contact us about my fully-managed service plans.

Blog Posts

Keep your blog pithy, crisp and hip with our blog-creation service. We’ve blogged for industry-
leading companies and cutting-edge corporations around the globe. Don’t look like a
dinosaur! Publish state-of-the-art, eye-catching blog posts that get shared on Google,
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Bring your brand to the masses.


Let our expert social media writers empower your Twitter feed with engaging content.

Facebook Posts

A steady and sizable stream of Facebook updates is now essential to engage your fanbase
and expand your brand. Please allow this expert social media author (and former Facebook
addict) to address your every Facebook need.

Website Content

Use our website content writing service to create your Homepage, About Us page, Services page or other website pages.


We’ll create exquisitely composed eBooks that illuminate your topic, offering
timeless value to your readers.

White Papers

Just tell us what you need, and we promise we’ll create a meticulous, in-depth, comprehensive
and engaging white paper that’ll mesmerize your audience.

Press Releases

A professional press release puts your brand in the limelight, lending authority and flair to
the achievements most important to you. Allow our veteran PR gurus to highlight your

Article Writing

Order articles from professional journalists and former magazine editors to enhance your content
strategy. We’ve written expertly in almost every genre and will create for you authoritative
long-form articles to drive your content marketing success.

Ghostwriting and Co-Authorship

With our team of published freelance ghost writers, we’ll match your brand’s voice and empower your content-marketing initiatives.

Copywriting Services

Hire an expert copywriter to craft dazzling content that grows your business by driving leads
and sales. We’ll compose compelling ad copy, email content, case studies, landing-page copy
and much more.

Copy Editing Services

We’ll put a fine finish on your content with our professional copy-editing services. My
musical background will make your sentences sing!