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The Write Job…

We’d rather endure eye surgery than look for employment. No? Job searches are a living hell. Exhausting, demeaning and time-consuming. Let us handle this torture for you. Please contact us about our full service career boost.

Student Résumé

Even if you have little-to-no work experience, we’ll thoroughly consult with you until we transform your still-limited value proposition into a captivating resume that’ll jumpstart your career into professional SUCCESS!

Professional Résumé

Senior & C-Suite Executive Résumé

Seeking a role in executive-level management? Look no further; our team of certified resume experts will craft you the ideal career-boosting tools.

Federal & Government Résumé

Federal/Government resumes are highly-specialized documents that few know how to successfully compose. Our team of seasoned career professionals are expert at writing flawless Federal/Government resumes.

Executive Bios

An art form in itself, this specialized professional statement has become equally as, if not more important than your resume. We’ve composed countless of these documents and will meticulously tailor your bio to highlight your talents, vision, goals and values. Your full money back if you’re not employed in the role of your choice within a year of using our career boost package.

Cover Letters

Resumes accompanied by compelling cover letters are statistically proven to win more job
interviews. And yet most cover letters fail to catch the eyes of hiring managers because
they’re written in humdrum, humorless, cookie-cutter prose which illustrates nothing original
about you as an individual. The key is to grab your hiring manager’s attention. We uniquely
tailor your cover letters to your profession, personality and career objectives to make you
stand out from the crowd. Guaranteed. Don’t sell yourself short; add a cover letter to your
career boost package. Full money back if after using our career boost service for a year you’re
not employed fulltime in the role of your choice.

Thank You Letters

Research proves there’s a greater chance you’ll be hired or called back for follow-up
interviews if you send “thank you” letters. Manners mean the world. Here’s a chance to
show hiring managers both how civilized and unique you are. Because studies also show that
most thank you letters aren’t even read. That’s why we ensure your letter is written in eye-
catching, engaging, conversational, heartfelt, original prose that portrays you as a memorable
individual rather than as an interchangeable statistic. Here’s your chance to win them with
words. Maximize your chances!

LinkedIn® Profile Writing

These days most employers expect candidates with comprehensive LinkedIn Profiles. My team of professional career experts & resume writers will either compose your new LinkedIn Profile from scratch OR refine your existing one. Clients who add LinkedIn Profile services to their package enjoy greater success!

The Write Profile

In your grueling job search, you’re probably reaching out to friends and family, answering useless job boards with no response, networking on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’ll handle all of this drudgery for you, composing your profiles and sending out friend requests as per your directives. We’ll coach you on interviews and write your cover letter, resume, bio and all profile content.This is your work, your livelihood, your bread and butter. Don’t blow it by sounding like an egotistical, illiterate, unemployable drug dealer.

You’ll be astonished by the results we’ll get you with these documents. Effective writing is conversational. Intimate. The goal is to talk to the reader. Get inside of the hiring manager’s mind. Then make him obsessed with hiring you. Linguistic hypnotism. We know all the tricks, but we won’t give them away here for free!

The Write Pay and Compensation Negotiation:

Never underestimate your value again.

If you’re not hired full-time within one year after we deliver your resume, one-hour interview coaching session, cover letter, elevator speech, value proposition, executive bio and LinkedIn content, we’ll refund you in full. Conditions apply. 

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