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Ever seen a Best Man Speech go painfully wrong when the mumbling, bumbling, sweating (read: drunk) best buddy of the groom ruins the occasion for everyone, slurring sordid details about the groom’s former life? It’s a terrible thing.

Don’t be that guy.

Here’s where you want to say just the right words to your loved ones, but where saying the wrong ones can backfire in a relationship-ending confrontation. Or worse, when putting your foot in your mouth at a wedding reception only causes a prolonged and polite retreat from your intimates, ultimately ending in silence. We won’t let it happen.


We’ll write a heartfelt, loving speech for your sacred occasions. We’ll even make them silly if you let us.


Celebrate the living while honoring the dead by letting us bring them back to life. Funerals are inherently farcical; mankind can’t grasp the concept of absence, of nothing, of The End. So why not let us remember your loved ones in a humorous way? Laughter cures cancer. We’ll pore over your old photos and online profiles until we gain a thorough understanding of your departed loved ones, whereupon we’ll write so vividly, empathically and honestly about them you’ll feel they’re in the room with you again! By invoking their ghosts, we’ll remember the best things. The happy moments. The good times. We’ll turn your funeral into a party. As Robert Plant sings, “Does anybody remember laughter?”

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